Apr 21, 2014

"Travis Wood is a pretty quiet guy, but I think tonight, you could say confidently, that he talks softly and carries a big stick."

Cubs Announcer

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Apr 20, 2014


His many trips as well as his wife, Moochelle should be very annoying to the American public.

If you’ve ever seen the entourage they have with them, you know that each of their trips cost the American taxpayers quite a bit of money.

See the following:




JUST GUESS who made this comment. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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Apr 19, 2014

Is it wrong if I just respond to this week’s discussion thusly?


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"I would not want to be president because it doesn’t sound like that great of a job. However, if I were president I would want to fix the immigration problem by not allowing in this country unless they go through the proper channels. There is just way too much being spent on the welfare of people who can’t even follow the rules. You can’t expect citizens to follow the law if illegals are rewarded for breaking it. I would also want to make it a little easier for hard working immigrants that are legally in this country to become legal. So long as they speak the language and follow the law."

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"The most important quality of a President I would be looking for is sincerity. Being honest in everything you do is very important especially if you are the president of the United States. Citizens of the United States looks up to the president and trust that person with their lives and their country. Next important quality is the having the moral principles. A person with moral principles have the capacity to stand firm on what they believe is right and is able to accomplish so much. Third important quality I am looking for is compassion. If a president is human enough to care and really be concern about how to improve the lives of the citizens of the United States, he would be able to definitely feel what we actually need and do something about it. And I don’t think the current president have any of these qualities."

Second response.

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"I dont believe our current president has any value. He is spending money on parties and trips and celebrities, when he should be setting example to everyone, he should be showing everyone how to sacrifice what we want, for what we need."

Right outta the gate.

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You can respond to either or both of these questions:

1. What are the most important qualities you look for in a President? Does the current President have any of them?


I haven’t even glanced at the responses to this yet, but I can only imagine how amazing they’ll be. Lets read on and find out

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Casting shadows.

Casting shadows.

Apr 18, 2014

Talking Heads- And She Was

The over-prescription/use of steroidal creams can lead to fungal infections.


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